“atmospheric with a great payoff” - bloody disgusting

2011 “Devoured” is Greg Olliver’s narrative-feature film debut. A slow-burn psychological thriller shot by acclaimed cinematographer Lyle Vincent (Bad Batch, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night)

Synopsis: Lourdes (Marta Milans) is a young woman from El Salvador that has come to New York City in hopes of raising enough money to help care for her ill son, who lives with Lourdes's mother back in her home country. She works in an upscale restaurant where her boss mistreats her, her boss's boyfriend sexually assaults her, and various men forcefully solicit her for sexual favors. Lourdes endures all of this as she cannot afford to lose her job and while she is reluctant to prostitute herself, she will do anything in order to raise enough money for her son's surgery. Her only solace is found in her phone calls to her son in El Salvador and her interactions with Frankie (Bruno Gunn), a firefighter that is the only person in New York who has shown Lourdes any true kindness. While cleaning the restaurant one night, Lourdes begins to experience strange visions where she sees strange shadowy figures that seem out to get her.

Excerpt - The Locker Scene

Excerpt - The Subway

Directed and Edited by Greg Olliver

Produced by Julie Buck, Marc Landau, Greg Olliver, Karim Raoul

Written by Marc Landau

Cinematography by Lyle Vincent

Released by Matchbox Films in the UK, Gravitas in the US, and Sony Pictures in all other territories.

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