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The greateST whiskey adventure of all time

Jack Daniel’s, the number one whiskey brand in the entire world, commissioned director Greg Olliver to tell their 150 year-old story. Surely to be considered the most epic whiskey-adventure of all time, this feature film was a massive undertaking that started in Lynchburg, Tennessee and took us to the far corners of the earth; including Australia, Cuba, Japan and Iceland… to find out why Jack Daniel’s outsells all other brands. (Jack outsells Scotch in Scotland!)

How do you make a compelling, entertaining and heartfelt documentary about a brand? You’ll find out when the film is released later in 2019.

Directed, Edited & Narrated by Greg Olliver

Executive Producers Tamera Brooks & Jimmy Chaffin

Producers Tamera Brooks, Jimmy Chaffin, Nelson Eddy, Greg Olliver, Kathleen Sigmund

Written by David Larzelere & Greg Olliver

Cinematography by Matt Irwin

Production Companies: Secret Weapon Films & Stray Dog Films

Agency: Finn Partners Nashville

© Brown Forman / Jack Daniel’s